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Nutrient & Stem cell Interactions

We show for the first time the beneficial effects of Pyridoxal phosphate (Vit B6) and Retinoic acid (Vit A) in protecting β cells against frank diabetes.This has been evidenced by their insulinotrophic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects vis a vis increased turnover of stem cell pool with Pdx-1 expression to effectively negate STZ induced hyprglycemia.Our findings advocate for important role of micronutrients (both genomic and non genomic) to circumvent the diabetic milieu to normalize islet/ β cell number and functions.

NCDs and Inflammation

Using WNIN-Ob and GR-Ob Mutant rat model, we have pinned down inflammation as the key pathophysiological lesion for the onset of metabolic insult including obesity, diabetes and osteoarthritis (adipose, pancreas and cartilage), where we have documented for the altered cross talk between systemic and stem cell pool using multiple approaches.

Clinical/Tx- Applications of Stem cells in NCDs

We show for the first time the feasible applications of human Placental –Mesenchymal stem cells to negate obesogenic milieu ( IR, IGT, inflammation) vis a vis preclinical diabetes,when administered intramuscularly to WNIN-Gr-Ob mutant rats. These findings opens up as newer approaches against the conventional treatment in management of preclinical diabetes.MSCs are immuno-modulatory,anti-inflammatory with paracrine functions.

We have shown that ,theracytes can be used as an optimal delivery system for islets Tx ,to maintain islet cell integrity and functions tested in pancreatectamized primate model (auto and allo). Further,the islets were viable inside the theracytes with insulin secreting functions followed up for a year without any immunosuppressants.

Fetal programming and DOHAD

Using embryonic stem cells as in vitro model, we are trying to address the concept of DOHAD, essentially to recapitulate the developmental events, with Micronutrient (MN) deficiency vs supplementation.

Total number of publications in international and national peer reviewed journals till date: 70
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Total number of books and book chapters : 04 ; Total number of books and book chapters in the last 10 years : 02
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Awards and Honours
  1. Global Grant Travel Award – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, For delivering talk as an Invited Speaker at Keystone Symposium on Adipose Tissue Biology and Diabetes at Colorado, January 20th – 25th, 2017.
  2. ICMR Senior Biomedical Research Scientist Award, To visit Endocrinology and Diabetic Center, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, December 4th – 22nd, 2010.