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PhD (Biochemistry) from Osmania University. Postdoctoral research at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland-USA. Research focus is on molecular nutrition of age-related diseases: Evaluate nutritional status of elderly as well people with age-related diseases to understand the influence of nutrients, particularly micronutrients on molecular mechanisms related to age-related diseases. Developed a raw-food based quantitative food frequency questionnaire to quantify dietary intakes. Assessed the prevalence of subclinical micronutrient deficiencies and identified factors associated with adequacy of micronutrient intakes in adults. Studies revealed a role for micronutrients in the development of diabetic complications and provided the basis for the influence of micronutrients on molecular processes involved in diabetic complications. We reported a decline in telomere length (TL) and mitochondrial DNA copy number (mtCN) with age in the Indian population and folate and vitamin B12 may delay aging by preventing the reduction in TL length and mtCN. We work with suitable animal models for studying the disease biology of complications of diabetes and obesity and to understand the role of nutrition. Described age-related eye diseases- neuronal and retinal degeneration and cataract, in a spontaneous obese rat model. These studies suggested that sorbitol could be a molecular link between metabolic syndrome and age-related diseases. Investigated the impact of functional foods and their bioactive molecules on signaling mechanisms involved in age-related diseases. The pioneering work on involvement protein glycation and aldo-keto reductases under chronic hyperglycemia, paved the way for exploring functional foods molecules as aldose reductase inhibitors (ARI) and antiglycating agents (AGA). Further, isolated and characterized novel compounds from functional foods as ARI and AGA for combating diabetic complications. Our works is aimed to understand the role of protein quality control (PQC) machinery in age-related diseases including neurodegenerative disorders as well as to understand the modulation of PQC by nutritional and dietary means.

Total Publications:180 (Total Impact Factor: 675; h-index:45)
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Awards and recognitions
  1. Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry (London, UK) - 2019
  2. Founding Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences, India – 2015
  3. Fellow, AP Akademi of Sciences, India – 2012
  4. Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, India - 2006
  5. ICMR-Basanti Devi Amir Chand Prize – 2010
  6. Scopus India Young Scientist Award (Medicine) – 2008
  7. Research to Prevent Blindness (USA)-International Research Scholars Award - 2007
  8. ICMR Dr. V. N. Patwardhan Prize – 2002
  9. Young Scientist Award, Nutrition Society of India – 1994
  10. ICMR International Fellowship (for Senior Scientists)– 2017
  11. Gates Foundation Global Health Travel Award – 2015
  12. Eminent Research Supervisor Award by Dr. KV Rao Scientific Society – 2015
  13. Department of Health Research (DHR) Short-term Fellowship – 2014
  14. DBT-Associateship for Young Scientists (Niche Areas of Biotechnology) 2006-07
  15. Prof. BK. Bachhawat International Travel Grant for Young Scientist-2007
  16. ICMR International Fellowship – 2005
  17. CSIR-UGC Research Fellowship- 1990-95
  18. National Merit Scholarship- 1982-90
  19. Associate Editor: Journal of Food Science & Technology
  20. Subject Editor: Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, India
  21. Regional Coordinator, Telangana Academy of Sciences (2015-)
  22. Member, Board of Governors, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hyderabad (2019-22)
  23. Member, Scientific Panel on Functional Food and Nutraceuticals, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India-FSSAI (2017-19)