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Count What you Eat: Developed by NIN’s BioInformatics Centre (BMIC) in 2016. This provides a pathway to healthy life by way of a powerful online platform. This is a user-friendly online tool that has a wealth of information on nutrition at your disposal for practical use. To access, click the link -

Nutrition Atlas:The ‘Nutrition Atlas’ has been developed as a ready-reckoner on various nutritional/health indicators in the entire country collectively and at state/district level severally. Data gathered from various data sources across the country is put in a format to get an overview of nutritional status of the country from macro to micro level. To access, click the link -

Books in Braille: A few copies of all the three titles available for free distribution to the Vuisually challenged or special schools/educational institutes and Libraries catering to the visually challenged. To receive copies, please write to The Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Jamai-Osmania PO, Tarnaka, Hyderabad or email to:;

Mobile Apps:

1. Download from Google playstore or from Dietary Guidelines for Indian -

2. A new mobile App called NIN (Nutrify India Now) is launched. To Download follow the link:

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Nutrition Education Videos

1. Tea Coffee

2.Eating out at a restaurant

3. Dietary Fibre

4.Eat whole Egg

5.Vegetables Cutting

6. LARGE or small Meals

7. Modify lifestyle become more active

8.Take 10,000 steps

9.Sleep Enough

10.Energy expenditure in different activities

11.Healthy Breakfast

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Balanced Diet

Eat Varieties of Natural Foods

You're What you Eat - English

You're What you Eat-Telugu

Food Safety

Vitamin A & C


print material

Print Material

SL.NO Book Name Download
1 ABCD Chart of Nutrition Read
2 Adolescence Read
3 Adolescence Growth Sprut Read
4 Anaemia and Folates Read
5 Anaemia Read
6 Calcium Read
7 Five-Keys for Household Food Safety Read
8 Dietary Guidelines for Indians-(HINDI) Read
9 Family, Life, Education for Adolescent girls Read
10 Functions of Foods Read
11 Infant Feeding Read
12 Low Cost Nut Recipes Read
13 Mazy Dazy Game on Nutrition Read
14 Micronutrients Read
15 Personal and Environmental Hygiene Read
16 Read Before you Eat - English Read
17 Read Before you Eat - Hindi Read
18 Snake and Ladders of Nutrition Read
19 Tasty Bites Read
20 The goodness of Greens Read
21 Baby care study for Growth & Development Read