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Having experience in the analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural food produce and human biological samples. Expertise in field demonstrations to the local farming community on the GAPs/GHPs through extensive education and training programs and through intervention studies to minimize the exposure to pesticides. Developing strategies to minimize the pesticide residues in the selected food produce at house hold levels by way of ideal household methods of processing at the community level. Developing cost-effective, re-usable personal protective equipment at the field level. As part of extension activities, extensive education and training programmes through video films in three (local Rregional/Hindi/English) were also developed so as the information to be reaching and reinforcing to the community and thereby to sustain the program on a continuous basis.

Total number of publications : International – 17 National - 1; List of publications in LAST 10 YEARS
  1. Raghunatha Rao D, Padmaja J: Proceedings of the International Conference on “Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs): Past Experiences, Present Scenario and Future Approaches” at ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad. 2018.
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Total number of books and book chapters : 02 List of book chapters in LAST 10 YEARS
  1. Padmaja R Jonnalagadda. Climate Change and its impact on Pest Control and Pesticide use in Ensuring Food Security. Published in Agriculture under Climate Change – Threats, Strategies and Policies. Edited by: Belavadi, V.V. Nataraja Karaba, N., Gangadharappa, N.R. Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd., pp. 56-61, (475) 2017.
  2. Padmaja R Jonnalagaddaand Prasad AYE.  Methods of analysis of pesticide residues in food.  In: Biology and management strategies of pests and pathology. 2nd volume Edited by Prof. Nagaraja Rao and Prof. Dashvantha Reddy, OU College for women, Osmania University, 2009.
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