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Brief Profile
I received M.Sc. Genetics from Osmania University in 2008 and PhD, Biochemistry from Osmania University in 2015. I did postdoctoral research at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medical Center (CCHMC) in the area of Cystic Fibrosis for short span. Then, I joined the National Institute of Nutrition in November 2016 as a Scientist-B. My research interests include understanding the impact of dietary factors and functional foods in metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity.  In addition, I am also working on to understand role of heat shock proteins, mini chaperones and proteostasis pathways in diabetes and obesity.

Total publications : 13; Publications in last 10 years
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  13. Reddy VS*, Madala SK, Jamma T, Reddy GB*. Extracellular small heat shock proteins: Exosomal Biogenesis and Function. Cell Stress and Chaperones. 2018 May; 23 (3):441-454, DOI 10.1007/s12192-017-0856 (PMID-29086335) (equal corresponding Author).

Awards and Honors
  1. JRF Award by Indian Council of Medical Research
  2. JRF and Lectureship Award by UGC
  3. SRF Award by UGC
  4. Certificate of Merit for Oral Presentation in Asia-ARVO, New Delhi. October 28-31, 2013
  5. International Travel Grant award by DST-SERB
  6. N-PDF award by SERB
  7. Dr.D.S. Kothari Postdoctoral fellowship award by UGC
  8. Early Career Research Awar