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Food Toxicology Division

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Brief Profile

Dr. VakdeviValidandi, Ph.D in Biochemistry, joined as scientist-B in 2012. Her area of interest is ‘Molecular aspects of fluorosis’. Her research is trying to understand the molecular mechanism involved in the enhanced urinary excretion of fluoride in the tamarind supplemented rats and to understand the biochemical and molecular mechanism of insulin signaling in fluoride induced insulin resistance in rats.

Total publications : 16
  1. Vakdevi Validandi, Gopalan Viswanathan and Arjun L Khandare. Comparison of Fluoride Levels (Total and Extracted) in Young, Old Tea Leaves and Market Tea Samples along with Impact of Tea Infusion on Dental Fluorosis in Fluoride Endemic Villages of Nalgonda District, India. Advances in Dentistry and Oral Health 2019; 10(4) 1-8. ( I.F. 1.09) 
  2. R. Hari Kumar,, Arjun L Khandare *,  A. Laxmaiah, II. Meshram,  N. Arlappa,Vakdevi Validandi, K.Venkaiah, P. Amrutha Rao, P.V. Sunu, V.  Bhaskar, G.S. Toteja. Prolonged consumption of grass pea (64 g/Cu/day) along with millets and other cereals causes no Neurolathyrism Nutr Neurosci. 2019 22:1-8 (I.F. 3.950). 
  3. Arjun L. Khandare,, R. Hari Kumar, I.I. Meshram, N. Arlappa, A. Laxmaiah, K. Venkaiah, P. Amrutha Rao, Vakdevi Validandi, G.S. Toteja. Current scenario of consumption of Lathyrus sativus and lathyrism in three districts of Chhattisgarh State, India. Toxicon  2018 Aug;150:228-234. PMID:29908260 (I.F. 2.492)
  4. Vakdevi Validandi, Shankar Rao Gourineni, Srinivas Dheeravath, Balakrishna Nagalla, Arjun L Khandare. Tamarind supplementation ameliorates the high fluoride induced glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in rats. Fluoride July-September 2017, 50(3) 314–323. (I.F. 1.342)
  5.  Arjun L. Khandare, Vakdevi Validandi, Shankar Rao Gourineni, Viswanathan Gopalan, Balakrishna Nagalla. Dose-dependent effect of fluoride on clinical and subclinical indices of fluorosis in school going children and its mitigation by supply of safe drinking water for 5 years: an Indian study. Environ Monit Assess 2018  Feb 2 190:110. PMID: 29396763 (I.F. 1.804)
  6. Arjun L. Khandare, Vakdevi Validandi, Naveen Boiroju. Fluoride Alters Serum Elemental (Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc) Homeostasis Along with Erythrocyte Carbonic Anhydrase Activity in Fluorosis Endemic Villages and Restores on Supply of Safe Drinking Water in School-Going Children of Nalgonda District, India. Biological Trace Element Research  2018 Feb 17. doi: 10.1007/s12011-018-1271-8. PMID:29455289. (I.F. 2.361)
  7. Arjun L Khandare, Shankar Rao Gourineni, Vakdevi Validandi. Dental fluorosis, nutritional status, kidney damage and thyroid function along with bone metabolic indicators in school going children living in fluoride affected hilly areas of Doda district, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Environ Monit Asses, 2017 Oct 23;189(11):579. PMID: 29063198. (I.F. 1.804)
  8. Arjun L Khandare,  Vakdevi Validandi, Munikumar Manne, G Bhanuprakash Reddy, Uday Kumar Putcha, Shankar Rao Gourineni, Balakrishna Nagalla. Tamarind fruit extract ameliorates fluoride toxicity by upregulating carbonic anhydrase II: a mechanistic studyFluoride April-June 201851(2)137–152 (I.F. 1.342).
  9. Munikumar Manne, Vakdevi Validandi, Arjun L KhandareReduction of fluoride toxicity by tamarind components: an in silico study. Fluoride April-June 2018 51(2)122–136 (I.F. 1.342).
  10. Arjun L Khandare, Vakdevi Validandi, Gopalan Viswanathan, G Shankar Rao, N Balakrishna. Role of Carbonic Anhydrase andTriiodothyronine in Dental Caries Affected Children in Fluorosis Endemic Areas. Advances in Dentistry and Oral Health. 2018 February 19.
  11. Shyam Prasad  G· Govardhan P· Deepika G · Vakdevi V · Sashidhar R. B. Anti-inflammatory activity of anti-hyperlipidemic drug, fenofibrate, and its phase-I metabolite fenofibric acid: in silico, in vitro, and in vivo studies. Inflammopharmacology. 2018 Aug;26(4):973-981. PMID:29238904. (I.F. 3.304).
  12. Rama Krishna UV, Shyam Perugu, S.N Sinha, Vakdevi Validandi. Drug repositioning of the gallate group from EGCG for repurposing. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 2016; 3(7) 253-262. (I.F. 3.628)
  13. Arjun L Khandare, Vakdevi Validandi, Shanker Rao, Balakrishna Nagalla. Effects of strontium and fluoride on bone mechanical and biochemical indices in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus). Fluoride 2015; 48(2)137-147.
  14. Arjun L Khandare, Vakdevi Validandi, Shanker Rao, Srinivas Dheeravath, Balakrishna Nagalla. Synergistic effects of strontium and fluoride on nutritional status in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus). Fluoride 2015; 48(4) 283-292.
  15.  Reddy P. Y, Giridharan N.V, Balakrishna N,  Vakdevi  Validandi, Raghu Pullakhandam, Bhanuprakash Reddy G..  Increased risk of cataract development in WNIN-Obese rats due to accumulation of intra- lenticular sorbitol. IUBMB Life  2013 May;65(5):472-8.PMID: 23504868 (I.F. 3.514)
  16.  Validandi V, Reddy VS, Srinivas PN, Mueller NH, Bhagyalaxmi SG, Padma T, Petrash JM, Reddy GB. Temperate-dependent structural and functional properties of a mutant (F71L) αA-crystallin: molecular basis for early onset of age-related cataract. FEBS Lett.  2011 Dec 15;585(24):3884-9. PMID:22085609. (I.F.3.538)
Awards and Honors

1. Awarded Young Scientist (Senior) Award in Experimental Nutrition at the 48th National Conference of the Nutritional Society of India during 4-5th November, 2016  held at St. Johns Research Institute, St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Topic of the paper: Tamarind ameliorates the fluoride induced glucose intolerance and insulin resistance in rats